Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sauv Blanc with Jalapenos and Lemons

Have you ever picked up a bottle of wine and read the back of the bottle and the winemaker tells you all about how the wine tastes like a warm Sunday afternoon spent in a field of lilacs with your lover while eating rhubarb-cherry pie fresh from the oven. BOOGERS and HOGWASH!!! I hate those descriptions. This is why I should write the descriptions for wines that I try. Have fun with this wine because I know I did.

Bellingham Sauvignon Blanc 2008, South Africa ($12)
Close your eyes. "Imagine what a Jalapeno swimming in a pool of lemon and lime juices smells like." BAM you got the nose for this wine! That is exactly what this wine smells like with just a hint of a grassy herbaceousness but not as much as a New Zealand Sauv Blanc. "Now take the lemon/lime Jalapeno concoction and make a mojito out of it but substitute the mint for grass. Serve over ice and enjoy!" BAM this is what the wine taste like! The reason I am so excited is this is the first time I have tasted Jalapeno in a wine. If you don't like spicy don't worry, what you taste in the wine is the flavor of the Jalapeno without the heat. Perfect mix of Bright Citrus, Herbaceousness, Jalapeno, Balanced Acidity and just a hint of Stony Minerality on the finish. Try with Spicy Thai food to combat the heat. Also try if you are tired of New Zealand Sauv lanc. Solid 89pts

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Greg said...

There is a restaurant on Hilton Head Island called Alligator Grille that pours this wine. It's exactly how you described. And it's great with the sushi that the place sells. It is fabulous with Thai food as you suggested.