Friday, January 22, 2010

Chicken Stir-fry, South African Sauv Blanc & The Wii

I know some crazy combinations for the food and wines. The foodies and wine critics wold probably slap me on the wrist if they knew what we were doing. You have to jump out and try something new every once in awhile. Drink what you love We just got the new Wii Resort game so i made some chicken stir-fry with coconut rice and popped a bottle of South African Sauv Blanc. Yummy! And the stir-fry wasn't bad either.

2008 Boschendal Sauvignon Blanc ($13)
Megan got stone fruit on the nose. Stone fruit is a fruit that has a pit like peaches, plums, & apricots. I got fresh pineapple and grass. I got pineapple on the palate along with green apple, lime, and a mouth feel of honey and minerals with just a hint of grass. I say honey because you do pick up some sweetness in the wine but most of that comes from the warm climate and fresh fruit flavors of the wine. It's like eating honey then 30 seconds later you can still taste the honey. Megan got pineapple and floral notes on the palate with a citrus finish. Great alternative to New Zealand Sauv Blanc for $5 less. Delicious! 89pts

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Greg said...

Jon O.. I am the importer for Boschendal and that was a spot on review. Great job and you nailed it.