Thursday, March 11, 2010

Some Wines Make you Say WOW!!!

Have you every gone out to eat and it seems like everything tastes bland and nothing is exciting anymore? Then you have a bite of the chef's mothers homemade 24 layer chocolate cake (this does exist at the Strip House Steakhouse in NY and Key West) and you actually start to cry... This is how I felt the other night when I had this fabulous Single Vineyard Chilean Cabernet Sauv from Santa Rita for under $20. I found out about this wine in the Wine Spectator Top 100 wines of 2009. I usually don't drink wines that I find in WS because I don't agree with their scoring system. It seem like the more adds you have in their magazine the higher the score of your wines. Trust YOUR Tongue!!! This is the best wine I have had in 6 months.

2006 Santa Rita "Medalla Real" Cabernet Sauvignon ($19 Kroger)

Pours a dark ruby red with purple highlights. Sounds like a punk rocker! I think I will call this my Punk Rocker Wine because when you smell this wine it hits you right in the face with Black Cherries, Plums, and Dark Chocolate. Then when it hits your tongue you get a nice bit of tannins then a rush of Black Fruits mixed with subtle spice and a huge cocoa finish. The finish on this wine lasts about 15-25 seconds which is HUGE for a sub-$20 bottle. Rockin 94pts


A Good Man said...

Jon, my son, you write so well that I almost wish that I was a NC Wino. I am such a fan of your recommendations that I made my shopping list and am heading out to my local wine stores to search for the Santa Rita '06 and the sauvignon blancs. I would love it if you would assemble for me a case of good, inexpensive dry reds which I can give as a birthday present for your Other Mother in May. Be well and hug Megan for me.

Matthew said...

Rockin review, Jon! I only wish we had a Kroger in MD, but I'm going to search my liquor stores for this. I always enjoy your recommendations!